child wearing surgical mask

Helping kids with autism get used to wearing face masks

As with all new things, it will take your child some time to adjust to wearing a mask. But with practice and patience, most children can get used to it.

Young girl looks in a broken mirror

Autism and anxiety

It is common for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) to have a higher chance of also being diagnosed with anxiety.

little girl getting a checkup

Preparing your child with autism for a medical visit

The Children’s National Autism Behavioral Consult team shares some tips for preparing your child with autism for a medical visit.

sad looking kid with pencil

How to use inflexibility to teach flexibility

Kids with autism are very good at “getting stuck” and being less flexible. Although we often need to help our kids to be more flexible, getting stuck can be a great strength in many situations.

little girl standing against blue wall

Understanding autism in Girls

Although much has been accomplished in identifying autism in boys, research regarding autism in girls is lacking.