Child autism symbol

Celebrating neurodiversity and autism acceptance

April is Autism Acceptance month, and we wanted to highlight a few organizations that celebrate neurodiversity and advocate for autistic rights every day.

teen siblings sitting on a wall

Guiding children with autism through puberty

It can be challenging to know what to discuss with your child and how to best support them through this stage.

angry boy hitting mom

Help for a 2-year-old with autism

Children with developmental disabilities such as autism tend to be more easily overwhelmed and upset than typically developing children.

father watching daughter play in snow

Supporting your child with autism during the pandemic winter

Here are some ways to support your family’s emotional health by staying active, working on independence and advocating for (new) school supports.

girl distance learning

Distance learning tips for children with autism

Here are some things you can do to give your child with autism the most successful distance learning environment possible.