illustration of menstrual calendar

Preparing your child for her first period

If your child is approaching her first period it’s important to provide her with reliable information, because understanding her body will help her make good decisions about health.

little boy peeking out from behind curtain

My toddler loves to touch himself. How do I handle this?

If your toddler starts to touch himself, ignore the behavior, but direct him towards something fun you can do together.

mother talking to daughter

Dealing with a toddler who talks back

Often when a toddler talks back, they are testing limits, which is a common and developmentally appropriate behavioral challenge for this age.

toddler feeding dog at table

Help! My toddler is feeding the dog dangerous items!

If your toddler is feeding the dog dangerous items, try to reframe the issue so that you are focusing on more appropriate, prosocial behaviors.

dad comforting toddler having tantrum

Toddler tantrums: why they happen and how to respond

Generally, letting a toddler work through their tantrum without giving them much physical or verbal attention is ideal.