girl with eating disorder looking in mirror

Supporting an adolescent struggling with an eating disorder

Dr. Anisha Abraham answers common questions parents have about how supporting adolescents with eating disorders.

Raynaud's syndrome in children

Raynaud’s syndrome in children

Raynaud’s syndrome is a condition that causes blood vessels going to certain parts of the body to over-react to cold or stress.

boy sleeping next to humidifier

Do humidifiers really help with colds?

Do humidifiers really help with colds? In most cases, they probably don’t. But don’t worry — your nose is already the perfect humidifier!

bathing a child

How often do kids need to shower?

Dermatologist Anna Kirkorian, MD, answers some frequently asked questions about how often kids need to shower and whether or not soap and shampoo are necessary.

woman using laptop

How to read research like a psychologist: Noticing red flags in articles

The goal of this article is to help you break down the best ways to find research, read and evaluate it and extract relevant information.