little boy using tablet on plane

Q&A: How can I avoid toddler tantrums on a long flight?

There are a few things you can do to avoid toddler tantrums on flights. One is to try to prevent as much as possible, and the other is handling your own response in the moment should a tantrum occur.

Mother And Teenage Son Arguing On Sofa

Q&A: My teen constantly lies to me. What do I do?

How to navigate a tough situation in which many parents find themselves.

Father and son talking outside

Helping your teen navigate their emotional landscape

You can help your teen learn the skills to get through sticky situations, and come through as a healthy young adult with few bumps in the road.

little boy looking at tablet

The importance of limiting screen time

Limiting screen time is important, but looking at how we use screens with our kids is equally important.

mom and daughter looking at computer monitor

Q&A: How can I limit my child’s screen time if most of it comes from school?

The push in schools to use technology to teach accomplishes both teaching content and teaching the use of technology, which is an important skill. It’s the passive and non-interactive screen time that seems to be less valuable; and too much of that can cause problems.