father talking to son outside

Talking to your child about sex

Talking to your child about sex should not be a one-time discussion. Instead, you should have “The Talk” early and often.

two teen girls smiling

Birth control options for teens

Most teens know about the birth control pill, but did you know there are other contraceptive options out there?

Father and son talking outside

Helping your teen navigate their emotional landscape

You can help your teen learn the skills to get through sticky situations, and come through as a healthy young adult with few bumps in the road.

Little kid looking at a heart shaped lollipop

Managing your kid’s Valentine’s Day anxiety

Tips for helping to alleviate your child’s anxiety about upcoming Valentine’s Day celebrations.

Sad looking teenaged girl

What parents need to know about teen dating violence

While dating violence may often be associated with adults, it also happens in relationships among adolescents.