grandfather and grandson building a snowman

Dressing for colder weather

Dr. Yael Smiley answers common questions for parents with young children about dressing for colder weather.

kids with paint on their hands

Autism and genetic disorders

Many genetic diagnoses increase the likelihood that a child will be diagnosed with autism.

family gathering for the holidays

Self-compassion for autistic people and their families during the holiday season

Here are some strategies for autistic people and families to practice self-compassion and find ways to celebrate things as they are.

Box Full of Toys and Stuffed Animals

A guide to safe versus unsafe gifts for kids

And, as the holiday shopping season gets underway, parents should take steps to find safe and fun gifts for their kids.

illustration of applesauce pouch

What you need to know about recent findings of lead in applesauce

Recent investigations have revealed trace amounts of lead in certain apple puree and applesauce products.