The transition from diapers to toilet is often not a smooth one, and it’s even more frustrating when potty training isn’t working. In this video, pediatric urologist Craig Peters, MD, FAAP, explains the different types of wetting and how parents can learn how to stop it.

According to Dr. Peters, if a child is still wetting frequently after at least six months of toilet training, parents and doctors need to look at deeper causes. In a presentation at a Future of Pediatrics conference, Dr. Peters explained that most wetting is behavioral and functional, though anatomical issues should not be overlooked and a thorough historical exam can usually help parents find the source of the wetting.


Craig Peters, MD, FAAP, was a pediatric urologist at Children's National, as well as chief of Surgical Innovation, Technology, and Translation in the Sheikh Zayed Institute for Pediatric Surgical Innovation.

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