Upgrading the quality of your carbohydrates and making small dietary changes are two ways to launch a family-friendly, heart-healthy eating plan. Read about additional changes you can make today for a healthy heart in this article in U.S. News Health from Michele Mietus-Snyder, M.D., a preventive cardiologist at Children’s National Health System.

Dr. Mietus-Snyder notes you don’t have to overhaul your diet or dinner plans today, but starting small is an easy way to support long-term cardiovascular health outcomes. Plus, incremental changes, such as swapping water for sugar-sweetened beverages or choosing vegetables and low-glycemic grains as a healthy carbohydrate source, still generates immediate energy gains!


Michele Mietus-SnyderMichele Mietus-Snyder, MD, is a preventive cardiologist, clinical research scientist and director of the Children’s National Bioenergetics Significant Interest Group.

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