At Children’s National Hospital, we are committed to helping those who are stressed, anxious and just overwhelmed. Our hospital-wide Mindful Mentors program has created a library of short exercises to decrease stress. These short techniques will help you to calm your mind and body and find your focus again.

We encourage you to find two minutes in your day to recharge and take a moment for yourself. You can also easily do any of these exercises while sitting, standing or on the move – with a friend, your child or alone.

Click on one of the links below to listen (with headphones/earbuds if in a public space) and follow the instructions.

About Mindful Mentors

Mindful Mentors at Children’s National are hospital staff and clinicians who have had intensive training and education to develop their own mindful awareness and self-care, increase their ability to manage stress and have learned how to teach mindfulness techniques to their patients. They are part of a specially trained resource staff representing each unit each department and each shift.

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