It’s July, and like many families, you may be gearing up for long car or plane trip in the coming weeks. Wondering how to keep your kids entertained without relying on electronics? Here are 10 travel-friendly activities for kids:

  1. Books and coloring books – perfect for any age, even adults.
  2. Scarves– great for hide-and-seek.
  3. Stickers! Kids love them and it takes time for their tiny fingers to get the stickers off the page.
  4. Barrel of Monkeys– an old fashioned favorite.
  5. Toy soldiers or other small action figures or animals – limit to just a few and use your imagination in what they can do (feeding the dinosaur pretzels, soldiers climbing the back of the seat, etc.).
  6. Puppets– one puppet can be very entertaining, especially if each family member takes a turn being silly with it.
  7. Older kids love playing “I Spy.
  8. Travel journal– you can help by starting to write and then leaving a few blanks for your child to fill in.
  9. Rhyming games– each family member takes turns.
  10. Travel size version of favorite card and board games

What’s your tried and true activity for long trips? 

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