My two-year-old might need growth hormones, what are the benefits of doing the treatment? Also, are there any side effects?

For patients whose body does not produce enough growth hormone, administration of growth hormone has multiple positive effects. First and foremost, growth hormone can lead to improved growth with an ultimate increase in final height. Second, growth hormone also has positive effects on muscle development and bone strength.

In general, growth hormone is a very safe medicine. There are rare side effects which can include a slippage of the top of the hip bone called a slipped capital femoral epiphyses (SCFE) or a severe headache due to increased pressure in the brain. Both of these are very rare but can be quite serious.


Andrew Dauber Andrew Dauber, M.D., MMSc, is the chief of endocrinology at Children’s National. As a pediatric endocrinologist, Dr. Dauber works in all areas of pediatric endocrinology, but specializes in studying and treating growth disorders.

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