Daniel Lewin


Meet Daniel S. Lewin, PhD, DABSM

Daniel S. Lewin, PhD, DABSM, is a pediatric psychologist, sleep specialist and licensed clinical psychologist. He is board certified in sleep medicine and behavioral sleep medicine.

Dr. Lewin’s greatest joy and top priority is parenting his teenaged son. He also enjoys hiking, yoga and making healthy food in his spare time. Fun fact: Dr. Lewin bikes to work year round despite the rain, sleet and heat. So watch out for those bikers on the road – they may be your child’s doctor!

“Coming from a family of public health and education professionals, I have been steeped in the importance of serving those who have the least representation. It’s particularly inspirational to work with children because when you facilitate a small positive change for a child and family, the impact reverberates for a lifetime.”