Is MiraLAX safe for children to take daily? For how long? Do lots of kids take it? When do you know it’s time to stop or to see a doctor for a larger issue?

Constipation is a common problem in children, and it can be a painful experience for them. With the proper treatment, a child’s body can learn to pass stools that are softer and more comfortable. MiraLAX is a frequently used laxative that works by softening stools and making it easier to have a bowel movement. Recently, there have been questions raised about the side effects of using MiraLAX long-term. Each child and situation is different, and I would suggest talking to your child’s pediatrician about any medication options. For mild cases of constipation, lifestyle changes may suffice, such as eating more fiber (particularly in fruits and vegetables), drinking more water and getting more exercise. The good thing is that these are great habits to help a child to stay healthy overall!

You can find more suggestions for treating constipation here.  


Olanrewaju Falusi Olanrewaju Falusi, MD, is a pediatrician at Children’s National and Associate Medical Director for Municipal and Regional Affairs at Child Health Advocacy Institute (CHAI). Her clinical, education and research interests focus on how social factors – including poverty, immigrant status and many others – affect the health of children, and how this growing body of research can help us to improve patient care and advocacy on an individual and community level.

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