Unfortunately, a bed bug bite has no telltale sign, according to a review published in the American Society for Microbiology. The reaction to bites varies tremendously from one person to the next. Some people will have no reaction or just minor itching and mosquito-like bumps in one area; others will get dramatic red raised welts all over. “It depends on the number of feeding bugs on the body, how long the person has been suffering bites, and also where the bites are located,” says Jody Green, PhD, an urban entomologist at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Learn more about bed bug bites and treatments in this article with Anna Kirkorian, MD from Reader’s Digest.


Anna Yasmine Kirkorian Anna Kirkorian, MD, is a dermatologist in the Division of Dermatology at Children’s National. Her interests and expertise include vascular birthmarks, neonatal dermatology, genetic skin disorders, inflammatory skin disorders such as eczema and psoriasis, pigmented lesions (moles), acne and hyperhidrosis (increased sweating). She is an expert in laser and surgical treatments for pediatric dermatology patients.

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