little girl wiping her nose

Debunking old wives’ tales: part two

Does the flu shot give you the flu? Can colds cause ear infections? Dr. Ivor Horn gets to the bottom of some common misconceptions in part two of debunking old wives’ tales on colds.

boy holding head in hands

Education: How seeing beyond the grades is better for your child and for you

In the latest episode of The Parent Pep Talk podcast, veteran teacher and parent Jacki Bragg explains what she sees as the true value of school, how involved parents should be and just how important grades are.

sick boy sleeping in bed

Debunking old wives’ tales: part one

Children’s National’s pediatrician Lee Beers, MD, gets to the bottom of five common old wives’ tales on colds.

Kids running in the yard

Q&A: How do I get my daughter to play with her older friends?

Psychologist Eleanor Mackey answers a reader’s question about helping her daughter play with her friends.

boy sleeping in bed

Clocks set, spring forward: Four ways to get a better night’s sleep

Sleep researcher Daniel Lewin shares tips for transitioning to Daylight Saving time.