boy getting his ear examined by doctor

Q&A: My kid’s ear hurts, what should I do?

Your kid wakes up complaining of ear pain. What should you do? Otolaryngologist Dr. Rahul Shah has advice.

perscription pill bottles and pills

Does my child need antibiotics?

When a child needs antibiotics, the potential benefits that the antibiotics will deliver outweigh these risks.

Thanksgiving meal

Thanksgiving meals for diabetic children

Children with diabetes have enough trouble managing their sugar intake, and with Thanksgiving favorites like stuffing and mashed potatoes, the hidden sugars in carbohydrates are easy to overlook.

little boy eating dinner with family

Teaching children about gratitude

Psychologist Eleanor Mackey, PhD, shares tips on teaching your children to be grateful.

family with luggage leaving house

Traveling with kids

In her latest blog, Children’s National psychologist Eleanor Mackey, PhD, discusses tips for planning ahead on your holiday travel for maximum fun.