Boy using an asthma inhaler

Managing asthma in school: A guide for parents

Asthma is a leading cause of school absenteeism, accounting for 30% of all missed school days or about 14 million absences each school year.

The word winter written in snow

Seven questions parents ask about winter safety

During the winter, getting enough exercise is one of the first areas we overlook, but it’s critically important for strengthening growing hearts and lungs and preventing obesity.

Smoothie bowl with banana, strawberry, blueberry, granola and pomegranate

Healthy breakfast ideas that even picky children love

Without a healthy breakfast, kids miss out on the fuel needed for improved performance on demanding mental tasks and motivation to be physically active.

little boy holding toy airplane

Five ways to manage children’s motion sickness during holiday travels

Make travel a healthy and enjoyable experience for everyone with these helpful tips.

Two little girls holding 2019 sign-feature

Making family New Year resolutions

A great way to bring your family closer in the coming year is to make family New Year resolutions.